The garden of camellias

The camellias began to come out of his magic bowl and the whole room became a flowery clearing ...
– Giulia Grincia –

Oil on canvas 100 cm x 120 cm x 3,5 cm
Painted in Roma, Italia, 2021
Serie: Pandemia


Elena drinks dreams from her magic bowl. It is a special bowl that contains all the dreams of the world. It is alone in the house, on her cobalt blue sofa. She would like to go out.
Below the house there is a park with camellias that bloom in spring, inebriating the air with their penetrating perfume. Elena would like to breathe free again everywhere. So from her fish bowl come out camellias that climb the wall. This canvas is about a woman who creates magical place whatever she is. The ampoule is like an enchanted handbag into which our whole world enters. We are too often chained to the idea that one place is beautiful and luxurious and another is not, without realizing that we always have everything we need to transform every room into a castle. Our imagination and the desire to see and experience beauty is all that is needed to make every corner of the earth enchanting.
– Giulia Grincia  –


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