Rappresentata da:

  • Houska Gallery St Louis, Missouri, USA 
  • Singulart Gallery, Paris, France
  • Il mondo dell’arte, Roma

presente in: 

  • BePart Gallery
  • Saatchi Art 

I was born in Rome on February 1, 1989. 

I dreamed of being an astronaut and turning myself into a mermaid or a monkey. Then I discovered that there were no mermaids in space, the colors melted in the water and that monkeys cannot fly on charters.

I copied the paintings my parents had at home and sold them to my grandfather. My favorites ones were the faces of Novella Parigini. I saw a big business in it so I decided that drawing would be my job.

I am a fashion designer and illustrator. Classic hight school , International Academy of High Fashion, illustration and photography studies. I started working in Haute Couture in 2011, alternating positions in fashion companies with creative periods overseas.

I paint women. Women-girls, silent, thoughtful, melancholy, motionless, suspended women. I paint myself, my travels and the emotions that I experience. 

I drown in the great classics, mythology and fairy tales from all over the world and I resurface with their fascinating characters. They are precious sources of inspiration. 

I set my canvases in pleasant, ancestral, distant, out of time places. Imaginary places. 

Oils are my most faithful travel companions, but I love mixing colors and techniques.  compagni di viaggio, ma amo mischiare colori e tecniche. 

I also often use digital because flying light makes you feel free and fast. perché volare leggeri rende liberi e veloci.

lowbrow art


  •  “ Hempel Award China International Young Fashion Designers Contest” in Pechino -premio eccellenza 2012\03 



  • 10/2021-2/2022 Collettiva in Houska Gallery, St Louis, Usa
  • Collezione permanente  in Atelier Montez 
  •  06/2017 Personale  presso il Museo d’arte in Genzano di Roma sponsorizzata da banca Mediolanum.

  • Collettiva presso il mondo dell’arte, Roma
  • 2016: personale in  “entrata libera”, Milano durante l’evento “APART”

  • 11/2012: personale presso ”Palazzo Sforza Cesarini”

Aziende: Sarli, Grimaldi, Presta, Terra Massima, Gucci…

Giulia grincia